Safety Matches

We are the leading Safety Matches manufacturers, Safety Matches exporters in Sivakasi. Our safety matches will light up your special day or occasion.

Wooden safety matches
The wood veneer match box is made of strong wooden box both in and out. The match sticks are carbonised.

Wooden Veneer Matches

The match box is made of strong wooden box both in and out. The splints are made from various imported materials. We offer small wooden match sticks and big wooden match sticks. Client can also choose from box types. The boxes have side friction borders both solid and dotted. Each box usually contains 40 wooden safety match sticks. The wooden matches are 100% damp proof.
Features :
  • Strong wooden box-in and out
  • Friction borders-solid and dotted
  • 100% damp proof
The household safety matches comprise of those matches that can be used for household purposes like candle lighting or for general kitchen use.

Household Matches

These matches are different from smokers’ matches and usually each box contains more matches compared to regular match boxes. Our Household Kitchen matches are known for its long splints, superior quality and long burning time. We offer three boxes with 100, 120, 240 and 250 splints respectively. The colour of the match head varies. It is usually red, black, brown or green.
Features :
  • Apt for kitchen use
  • Long splints and longer burning time
  • Can be customised as per client requirement
Household Matches
Long Matches
The USP of these matches is that they have longer splints than the regular matches which allow it to burn or be lit for longer.

Long Matches

Long stick safety matches have been popular for quite some time now. Start brightens your special day with our beautiful long stick wooden matches. It has a bigger match head, higher breakage strength, moisture proof body and side friction. These matches mostly find application in hotels, barbecues, camp fires and fireplaces. The matches are made from pine wood or asper wood. These extra-long matches are available in a box of 45 splints and are mainly for commercial lighting purposes. We also customise the matches are per client requirement.
Features :
  • Extra-long splints
  • Higher breakage strength
  • Made from white and asper wood
Mainly used to start a fire or to light a grill.

Fire Place Matches

Fireplace matches as the name suggests is mainly used to start a fire or to light a grill. The speciality of these matches is that they have an extremely long splint which means it burns also for longer. They are available in two boxes, one with 40 sticks, 60 sticks and the other with 100 sticks.
Features :
  • Finds application to light campfires, fire or grills
  • Long splints
  • Two match box types available
Fire Place Matches
Wax Safety matches
Wax safety match sticks are made from raw materials like paraffin, wax and phosphorus. These match sticks are popularly used by smokers.

Wax Safety Matches

They are light weight and easy to use. They burn for longer. Asia match is one of the leading wax safety match manufacturers making up 70% of the total market share. We offer wax matches in stick size ranging from 25 - 25mm length in white or brown colour and head colour as required by the customer-from conventional brown/black to red, green and blue. It can also be used for residential or commercial purposes.
Features :
  • Made from superior quality raw materials
  • Light weight and easy to use
  • Apt for residential and commercial purposes
The cardboard matches we offer are available in small, medium and large size boxes.

Cardboard Matches

The matches are made from carbonised splints and are used across homes, hotels and restaurants. They are made from superior duplex board. These are pocket safety matches and are packed securely to avoid moisture. There are primarily three colours of the head which are brown, green and red. Cardboard matches have a higher strike rate compared to regular matches. On client request we also customise the matches.
Features :
  • Available in small, medium and large boxes
  • Superior quality duplex board
  • Higher strike rate and longer burn time
Cardboard Matches

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